Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Take a's in a book

A reading rainbow.

Do you guys remember that show? It started in the 80's and ended in 2006. The song was so catchy. :)

I love reading. I pretty much always have. I'm happy that Serena has really taken a liking to reading lately. I hope that Layla will also have a passion for it one day.

That's why since I've been a SAHM I've been taking Layla to baby story time every Wednesday at our local library. I love watching her interact with the other babies, listen to the stories and enjoy herself.

She doesn't look too happy here though...but hey it was the only one I snapped last week.

After baby story time, mommy usually picks out some books for herself. Yes I'm part of the dying population that still treks to the library to check books out instead of downloading them. Not that I always have time to read them these days...

As you can see these aren't exactly brain stimulating books but I was looking for fun reads last time. By the way, "Dollhouse" by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian..or shall I say their ghostwriter was a literary joke. I honestly couldn't read past the first 4 pages.

So tell me, do you like to read? What are your favorite kind of books? If you don't like to read, why not? I've always wondered.


  1. I used to love Reading Rainbow! And, I'm part of the dying population of printed book fans as well. I just can't make the leap yet!

  2. I totally remember reading rainbow! It was so fun to watch, and I can still remember the tune of the song. I cant belived it stayed on air till 2006, thats great! And I dont have a kindle or anything either...printed books for me!

  3. I'm sad that the Kardashian book sucked. I am totally sucked into their shows (sad but true)! My library sucks anyways because it doesn't stock "trashy" books like that one or any of the other reality star books. Sad!

  4. I absolutely LOVE reading.. And I like going to the library too.. ALL of them for FREE! It's great... but unfortunately I since I live in Germany all our libaries are in German and it takes me so much longer to read a book in German than in English... so i dont go too often.. I wish we had more english bookstores here.. I always have to order my books online.
    I just read Sons of Hamas. That's a GREAT book!