Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little sleepy baby..

I just love peering down at Layla as she sleeps. I always linger a little after I put her in the crib too. Sometimes it's hard to believe I carried this little baby in my belly for 9 months.

As much as I love holding her as she sleeps, it's getting more and more uncomfortable with my growing belly. She is also going to be 12 months on Sunday and I know I can't rock her forever. I just hate hearing her cry though. On occaison I have let her cry it out during a nap session when I've given up on rocking her, but I don't want to let her cry it out every single time. Hmm we'll have to see how it plays out.

Oh! I almost forgot, I gave Layla organic cow's milk for the first time yesterday. I'm still also giving her some formula but she seems to like the milk, and I plan on transitioning her for good within a week.

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