Saturday, July 14, 2012

The baby and the bump

The other day as I was rocking Layla to sleep in the morning-she was taking forever and guess who wasn't having it?

Her little sister that's who. Let the sibling rivalry commence. She kept kicking and tapping at Layla through my belly. I guess she got tired of being pushed down and Layla was taking an awful long time to fall asleep. It was the funniest thing!

I really don't know how much longer I'll be able to keep this up. Maybe she can continue to stay off to the side throughout the whole pregnancy. Who knows. I would like for her to go to sleep on her own--but if I just put her in her crib she cries, and this momma likes her 2 breaks. She is however able to go down at night relatively quick. I'll rock her for about 15 minutes after her bottle and then put her in her crib drowsy. I leave the room and she shuffles around and then goes to sleep.


  1. Do you still rock your daughter to sleep?? I do too! And I just had a baby. Naps are exhausting now, rocking both one after the other lol

  2. Oh gosh. I wasn't even thinking about that. I think I'm actually trying not to think about 2 under 2 because it scares me. Like I get anxious about so I'm sort if blocking it out until the time comes.