Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celebrity Baby Post: Megan Fox

How cute does Megan Fox look in her Roberto Cavalli floral dress? She has the perfect bump right now. I believe she's over 30 weeks. It hasn't been confirmed when she's actually due but a lot of media outlets are saying this fall possibly September.
If she's over 30 weeks her bump looks great. It's so small! Makes me miss when my bump looked like that. I feel like the real cute bump stage has passed for me. The last time it was that size, I was 19 and 20 weeks. I'll have my 30 week bump update up on Saturday.


  1. She is so cute! I look like that right now and I will be 25 weeks on Saturday. I can't wait to get a bigger belly for some reason! I don't plan on having anymore children so I guess I want to look as pregnant as possible this one time!

  2. her baby bump looks so tiny! I do love her dress and shoes.

    looking forward to your 30 week bump update- I'm a new reader :)