Monday, August 27, 2012

Serena's first day of 4th grade and giveaway winner..

Good morning! Hope everyone had a good weekend. I dropped Serena off at school a little bit ago and it feels weird to have the house so quiet again. It's just me and Layla right now. She's sitting in a little chair drinking her milk and I'm...well here. Eating some oatmeal.
I snapped a picture of Serena before she left. She's getting so big! I hope she has a great school year and I said a little prayer in my head this morning as I was getting out of bed. I said a prayer for all the little kids starting the school year. I hope they all make wise choices and treat everyone with kindness.
On another note. I'm late with my 30 week bump update, but I'll have it up tomorrow.
Last but not least, Rafflecoptor has spoken and the winner of an FHJ Baby bib is:
I will email you shortly. :) 


  1. Her first day of school outfit is precious. Girly yet sporty - very cute!

  2. Such gorgeous inspiration pictures!
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  3. I hope she enjoys her school year! I loved 4th grade :)
    and your little girls are so beautiful, you have such a lovely family!

  4. Such a precious blog (and of course, family) you have! Good luck to your daughter as she embarks on her 4th grade adventure!