Friday, November 2, 2012

Late Halloween Pics...

A few weekends ago while Serena was hanging out with my mom and dad, they had bought her some fabric and tulle for me to make her costume, but in the end she wanted something store bought that had caught her eye. I ended up buying her a renaissance princess costume and I whipped up a costume for Layla at the last minute. I shouldn't have waited so long but I think it came out pretty darn cute! I had to hot glue the sequin fabric on some wings because I didn't have time to sew, but I made the tulle skirt, belt and sash.
The girls had a great time trick or treating. I only took Layla out for a little while and then we dropped her back off at home with daddy so just Serena and I could go. I was hoping all the walking would bring on contractions and while I felt them a little while walking, I got none at home and like only three the next day.
Have a great weekend! Please send me labor vibes so I won't be back on Monday for a 40 week bump update. ;)


  1. So sweet these Halloween pics. And sending labor vibes your way. =)

    Just stopping by from The Wiegand's, sweet Casey's blog, to personally invite you to join me for An Aloha Affair; a sort of end of week gathering and mingling and growing together. I'd love to have ya, stop by anytime...


  2. So their costumes!! Sending lots of good vibes your way!!

  3. their costumes are darling! we had some costume drama this year, but in the end it was a lesson that all that matters is we are all here together making memories. ha! ;)

    i'm excited i found your blog and thrilled to be your newest follower! hoping that baby comes soon!

    happy saturday!