Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some more newborn apparel..

So since I'm probably no longer birthing a peanut and instead a decent sized baby, I took out a little outfit I was going to have Layla wear home from the hospital last year, and put it in my hospital bag for this baby (in addition to the other outfits I posted about before). It still might be roomy, but I'll take it anyways--just in case it fits.
Isn't it cute!?
If she's able to wear the dress, I'll pair it with one of the darling headbands I recently made. I've been trying to stay constantly busy to take my mind off wondering when she's going to get here. I'm so in love with them and flower headbands/clips are going to be my latest addition to the shop in the next couple of weeks. I'm so excited! These are only two I've made, but I've built up quite the collection already. ;)
If this outfit doesn't work and I stick to the kitten outfit, I have these hats to choose from:
I'm telling you these idle hands....
I added the little pink ribbon to the standard hospital hat for when they put her in the hospital onsie and then she has the other two I can pick from. I added the white rosette to a pink cap, and the cat hat was a gift from one of H's co-workers. It's from Gymboree and just the cutest thing. :)


  1. Those headbands look professional, you have got talent, mama!

  2. You made those?? Adorable! Oh and new reader here - you have another girl named Layla? I kind of love that because my name is Laynah and for some reason people confuse it with Layla all the time. Very pretty

    1. Laynah is very pretty! I haven't heard that name before. ;)