Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hair update, an outfit and my Baby Bjorn arrived!

Finally! The Bjorn arrived. It only took like two weeks. sheesh! H found an amazing deal for it during the Black Friday sales. Toys R Us online had the red ones on sale for only $16.09!! They are originally around $80. What a steal.
I tried it on yesterday and I found it really easy to put together and I really like the red color too. It wasn't hard to slide Mariam in and while she does look tiny in it, she will grow fast. The real test will be trying it out for a longer period of time.
Saturday I had my roots touched up and cut off a few inches of my hair. It was just getting way too long and taking forever to blow dry and fix. If you look at my other pictures my hair looks pretty much the same. I don't normally stray anymore from the usual. if I experience severe post partum hair loss, I may try some front bangs. We'll see.
Also, it was rainy and muggy yesterday so I wasn't having the best hair day. Fail. Ha-ha.


  1. I loved that carrier! Lifesaver with grocery shopping etc. you look fab!
    Love the hair!

  2. $16!! that is ca-razy cheap! wish i'd known about that one! glad you're enjoying it!

  3. We love the bjorn! Such a lifesaver! And NO way Mariam is already a month old!! Time is flying!!

  4. I love the bjorn!! I tried two different wraps until we purchased the bjorn. It's so easy to get on & off!! Plus i'm not afraid he is going to fall out :)!!