Monday, May 13, 2013

My weekend in iphone pictures..

A lovely weekend it was. Saturday I spent some quality me time at the nail salon getting a pedicure and later that day, H took two of the girls to his mom's house so I could go to the mall. I took baby Mariam because I'm exclusively breastfeeding and I don't like dealing with a pump. She actually did really well there! I had left the big stroller in the other car but I had Layla's umbrella stroller and she fit in it fine. She's almost 7 months and the recommend age is 6 months and up so we were fine. Sunday we spend some time at home and then headed over to my parent's house for grilled steaks. Yum.

Later when I got home, and applied my MAC foundation, I realized I got the wrong color. I looked like a vampire it was so white!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and to all you mother's and soon to be mother's, hope you had a great mother's day.


  1. OMGosh it almost looks like Miriam is crawling.. I'm glad you had a good weekend and were able to get some "me time".


  2. Love your top, where's it from?