Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What to do when your 10 year old is as tall as you

After you run through the hills screaming and wallowing in self pity knowing that most 5th graders are now taller than you, I suppose you might hide your shoes and your tops. Serena loves to try on my shoes and proclaim that she can fit into them. I guess it makes her feel pretty mighty fitting into her mom's shoes, but she still knows who is boss. I may be petite but I can be fierce. Serena is a sweet girl and very helpful but she's at the age where she's sassed me more than once, and more than once have I had to set her in her place when she's taken a tone with me. 

I suppose it's payback. My mom always said "wait till you have kids of your own one day!" I talked back a lot as a teen and l and I had to have the last word. How my mom didn't drop me off at the farthest boarding school--not to return till I was 20 is beyond me! God I must have been insufferable. 

At least this little kitten in the window isn't taller than me...or talking!


  1. I'm 5ft tall and my 12 year old daughter is now 5'4 - so taller than me even in heels. A fact she likes to bring up all the time. And thankfully my shoes are now too small for her so she can't steal them from me anymore. Looks like your daughter is on track to be taller than you too!

    1. I'm only 3ft11 so I'm a lot smaller than her I love been small I'm a dwarf