Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm really going to miss when Mariam gets too big to fit in a carrier. With her being colicky the first few months, and also having a toddler coming along when I go places, it's really been a life saver! I started off using a Bjorn which I loved because it was so easy to snap on and take off, but once she hit about 13 lbs, it really started doing a number on my right shoulder within about 10 minutes of using it. I have knots on my right shoulder that tend to flare up so it just wasn't agreeing with them anymore. 

I started using the Babyhawk and learned how to get it on and off quickly. Sure there are no snaps like the Bjorn and it involves some tying, but it's still pretty easy. When Mariam was a newborn I did find it too difficult to use. I guess because of the lack of head control and her being so delicate, I felt really intimidated by it. Now it works perfectly for us. 


  1. I have an Onya and it's amazing AND it has a really high weight limit. My husband even occasionally carries our 3 year old in it - COMFORTABLY! It has buckles like the Bjorn so it's easy on and off, but is ergonamically correct which will make it more comfortable for you and Miriam. I can carry my nearly 30lb boy on my back for hours before i need a break. You should definitely check them out! (I realize this sounds like an ad, so I feel like I should say that I don't work for Onya, I just love mine!)

  2. Great. I'll check them out. :) Never heard of them before.