Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Faux SheepSkin Rug

I mentioned before that I'm currently updating the nursery, and one of the items I wanted to get was a faux sheepskin rug. However I was afraid to pay $50-200 for one because I wasn't sure I was going to like it for the room after all. I searched all corners of the internet and I found that Ikea has one for $20. You can find that particular one from Ikea within Amazon at various price points. I read that the rug was really small though so I thought to myself that maybe I can just make one myself. It was a success and rather easy so here's what you'll need to recreate it yourself. 

* A little over a yard of faux fur (Found online or at your local fabric store and cost me $13)
* Pencil

First cut the fabric in half and put the other half aside. You can actually make two rugs out of your fabric! Next, turn the fur over and trace out the shape you want your rug to be. It can be in the faux sheepskin shape, a heart, a cloud, really the possibilities are endless! I'm pretty decent at drawing free hand so if you aren't comfortable drawing freehand, you can always print out a template of sorts and use that against your fabric and cut. 

After you've made your shape with pencil, cut out one side and then fold it over to make it easier to cut the other side out. This way the two sides will match. I recommend that you do this on a hardware floor or somewhere other than the nursery. Fur was everywhere around me and I really shouldn't have cut it there, but I was such in a hurry to see the final product. Oh well, nothing a vacuum can't fix.

Once you're done, just flip it over, inspect your work for any touch ups and give yourself an old pat on the back. ;)

It's a great little statement piece and looks good anywhere. In the nursery, in front of the fireplace or just draped over a chair.

Have a great Thursday! Don't forget to enter the gold sequin hanger giveaway a few posts down.