Friday, July 17, 2015

30 Weeks Pregnant!

Total weight gain: I literally just weighed myself and looks like I've gained 18 pounds so far, and here my OB was worried about my weight gain in the first tri because I wasn't gaining. Guess we have nothing to worry about now! I haven't been eating excessively but my sweet tooth is a little out of control at times. 

Maternity clothes? Yes but not exclusively. I wear some maternity tops and some non-maternity. My wardrobe is getting limited at this point.

Stretch marks? No new ones that I can tell. I've been bad about religiously moisturizing my belly, but it's not like it makes a huge difference anyways. Whether you get stretch marks or not depends a lot of genetics and elasticity of skin.

Sleep: It's been ok. I never get enough sleep even not pregnant and currently I'm up just once to use the bathroom. I mean I'm up several times with the girls, but as far as pregnancy related, just once usually.

Best moment this week: I'm really scratching my head here. It's been a tough week with the girls and lot's of bodily aches and pains. I'm still so grateful to be carrying another life though and despite any issues I still love being pregnant. 
Movement: She moves a ton! I think she did a flip this week. 

Food cravings: Cold M&M's.

Food aversions: Nothing. 

Labor Signs: More braxton hicks contractions this week but I haven't been drinking enough water and I frequently over exert myself. 

Symptoms: I've been having right hip pain like woah, and my back. Also this spot on my lower back close to the hip hurts a lot. It tends to flare up more when I've been carrying Mariam if we've had errands to run. I've also been getting dizzy and I plan on bringing it up to my OB next week. 

Have a great weekend!

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