Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hello October..

I've been absent from here again lately. Always something I tell you...

October has felt, I dunno, weird in a way, and mundane. Not boring for sure since there is always, always something to do. I think October and I got off on the wrong foot here. Maybe the beginning has started off a little quiet in regards to running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, and it feels out of my element. Regardless, it's about to pick up again and pretty soon I'm going to be complaining about how overwhelmed I am with it all.

Onto the usual, Mariam has been doing great with her schooling at "mommy school". She's usually eager to work on her letters and numbers, and it's been awesome to see her really grasping things and understanding. Her temperament has much improved as well. Now if she could stop asking for snacks like every 30 minutes that would be cool.

Layla is doing great in Kindergarten. She loves doing her homework as soon as she gets home, and she never gives me a hard time about waking up early. Serena is doing fantastic at school as well and has been occupied with church choir, her keyboard, and training for the track team lately. Onto Ava. Hoh boy. My stage 5 clinger lately. She's been hard lately. Super attached. Hardly wants me to put her down or else she cries. She's also still sleeping terribly. At this rate, maybe I'll get a decent nights rest by the time she turns 2 and a half. I really need this child to sleep. It's been hard trying to get some of my business needs taken care of and also to enjoy some down time. I tried letting her cry it out one night for about an hour last week--nope! Not doing that again. My next step is trying to cut down her night feedings, but she gets so upset and I'm so tired that I end up giving in after she won't calm down. I fully understand I'm part of the problem. Sigh. We'll see what happens.