Friday, April 20, 2018

Life lately

Happy Friday! I'm Sooooo glad it's Friday. I've been wanting to update the blog all week, but my mom was visiting from Texas and she just left this past Wednesday. We miss her already for sure! It's so nice to not have to "mommy" alone sometimes. It's really been a whirlwind these past few weeks. I'm going to back up all the way to the weekend before last to the 16th annual Boca Bacchanal. It was another fantastic two days of great food and wine and time alone from the kids. 

A few days later my mom flew in and the girls did a lot of bonding as did we. We went out to eat, did some shopping, church, beach, etc. We had fun and it was nice just to have my mom to talk to everyday.

This week I've been back to sleep training Ava after speaking with the pediatrician and my friends again. It's been hard but I just keep pep talking myself and praying. I also have been working on some new things with my business, so excited to see how everything pans out. Having children and being an entrepreneur doesn't come with an owner's manual. I get overwhelmed, nervous, intimidated, and fearful just like everyone else, but I try anyways. I go for it and figure out the rest along the way. It's all about the journey anyways when you are headed to your goals sod on't lose sight of your surroundings along the way.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

DIY Faux Greenery Hoop

Spring has officially sprung and there's nothing like florals and greenery that really marks the season! If I could have flowers and lace everywhere in my home I probably would. I love a feminine nest, the same time, I also try to stay conscientious that a man lives here and while he's surrounded by girls, I feel like I don't want to suffocate him with femininity if that makes sense. He lets me take the lead on decorating but I also like to hear his opinion on some of it. When he's in the mood for house projects we make a pretty good team. Or is it more that I start them and he has to finish them if they involve power tools ha-ha! I'm more of the painter than anything.

I've had a large french provincial mirror I painted that hangs on the main breakfast nook wall, but I felt like something was missing. Embroidery hoop decor is a design trend that has really been prominent lately. It's inexpensive and there are tons of different ways you can go with it. I'd been meaning to try it out for myself and I finally bought the materials I needed last month. These hoops are super quick to make!

Materials needed

Green floral wire
Wire cutters
Embroidery hoop(s) of your choice size
Your greenery or florals

I always like to keep green floral wire on hand. There is a lot of projects you can do with it. Something I recently used it for was a real flower birthday number for Mariam's pictures.

Ok, so the first thing you want to do is go ahead and figure out where you want to place the greenery or floral on the hoop. 

Next you want to cut little pieces of the wire and have those handy on the side. I don't recommend just cutting one long piece of wire. Having small pieces you can do it in sections better and if you mess up on a part, it's a quick fix without having to undo the whole wire. 

 Just start winding the pieces of wire around the stem and hoop to secure it as tightly as you can without poking yourself. 

Once I got to the end I didn't like how the stem was poking out. It's hard and not easily bendable, so I cut off pieces of the leaves to fill in that spot and cover it up. You can also fill in any sparse spots you see.

Here is how the back looks

Walla! You are finished!

Just go on and hang them wherever your little heart desires.