Sunday, March 26, 2017

Home Update!

Two week's ago marked our one year anniversary of moving into our home in Boca Raton. I've absolutely loved living here this past year and it's been fun working on projects and fixing up this 1979 house. I'm picky and a perfectionist, so we still have a long way to go decor wise, but we're slowly making more progress these days. There is beauty in everything and though this house was mostly original with horrible carpet, blinds, etc, we saw the potential. Before we moved in, my husband, my brother, and my dad painted pretty much the whole house, put down the floors and worked on various things. We definitely had our work cut out for us and even Serena helped with the wainscotting in the living and dining room. 



We still need to get rid of that chandelier over the dining room table and put in rugs, a coffee table, a couple end tables and maybe another chair, but H really wants a recliner. Such a guy! The problem with recliners is the most comfortable ones (which he's looking for) do I say this nicely. Not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The nicer ones aren't that comfortable. We'll see. I'm sure I'm going to have to meet him in the middle since he's gone along with the rest of my ideas. 

Chandelier {Amal Chandelier in white gold} Currently out of stock shop here: Amazon
White damask curtains: Homegoods
Sheer curtains: {Amazon}
Double curtain rod: {Amazon} in white gold 66-120 inches
TV credenza: Found on Craigslist and painted by me.
Coastal dining room table: {Rooms To Go} Purchased the additional bench.

Have a great Sunday!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

DIY Rhinestone Magnets

Hello all. Still alive and kicking over here. Coming back from my month long blog hiatus with a craft for you. With the craziness of a house full of girls, and my mind constantly thinking of a hundred different things, crafting is therapeutic for me. Last week I had to swing by Michael's craft store and I decided to pick up some magnets to spruce up our refrigerator a bit. I had an old Forever21 shirt at home with several rhinestones missing that I had been wondering what to do with. I spent $2.69 for 8 magnets and that was all I spent. 

 I undid the rhinestones, arranged them in sets of 4 and hot glued them side by side. Once I had the clusters, I hot glued a magnet on the back. 

Seriously so easy and quick. It probably took me only about 15 minutes to complete. You can use an old top with rhinestones, a bracelet you no longer care for, or just buy rhinestones or gems from your local craft store. 

Happy crafting!