Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Update on my family & Hurricane Harvey

I'm happy to report that H and Ava were reunited the day before yesterday. I feel like I can breathe so much easier. I'm still stressed over the situation and seeing all the images of what it is going on in Texas is heartbreaking, but my anxiety has gone down a bit. I think I literally made myself sick. I now have a massive cold again and I feel so weary. I can hardly sleep. I know they are safe and also enjoying spending quality time with family, but I'm just so ready to have them home! I'm trying to keep it in perspective. I feel pretty crappy right now with exhaustion from parenting solo at the moment, and this cold....but I could be sleep deprived with a cold and sleeping in a shelter, or stuck on my roof so I feel bad for complaining as well. 

My mother and brothers, relatives and friends are all doing ok. Some don't know if water got in their homes, but we're praying it didn't. The sun has started to shine and the waters are starting to recede so that is good news. The city will thrive again. It's going to take some time, but they'll get there. Seeing people band together to help their fellow neighbor has been amazing. It's things like this that restore my faith in humanity again. I am bracing myself for the stories that are going to start coming out regarding looters. I mean what kind of low life do you have to be to take advantage of another's misfortune? Let's just hope people behave themselves. I'm not holding my breath, but I can hope. 

H's flight is scheduled for Friday if they can get to the airport. Their subdivision is not flooded, but surrounding roads are. If they can't make it Friday, the next flight they have booked is Sunday. 

Have a good Wednesday.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The kids are back in school and I think I sent my baby to a hurricane...

Serena |9th grade| Layla |1st grade| Mariam |Pre-K|

I have not even had a moment to really sit here on blog. I even feel like even my online work for my business has been rushed. Social media pics are done on the fly while waiting in the car rider line, or when I'm able to steal a moment. 

Phew. Let me just take a moment to breathe here.....


Ok. So summer is over and the girls are back in school. I was so looking forward to getting back into a busier structured routine with the kids, and I'm glad but at the same time I'm like "what have I gotten myself into?!" No rest for the weary. My girls are worth it though. I now have 3 in school and so far our days have been crazy. I take Mariam and Serena each morning. H takes Layla, but I have 3 pickups at 3 different schools in the afternoon. Mondays are ballet after school for Mariam, Tuesdays Serena has a volunteering shift at the library. Wednesday's Serena has another volunteering shift at the library and then church choir practice. Thursdays thank God nothing after school. Friday's Layla has ballet after school. I was wondering how our dinner plans were going to be affected, but they really haven't. In fact we eat early consistently now. It works by prepping early or even cooking a portion of the meal in the morning or early afternoon. Anyone else feel like you're living out of your car with school aged kids?

You're probably wondering about baby Ava. It's been so nice having just her for 2 hours in the mornings while the girls are in school. She is unfortunately still not sleeping though the night, and it does make an already exhausting day a little more difficult. I think it was the sleep deprivation that motivated me into being convinced to let her fly to Houston with H the other day not realizing a major hurricane had been forming, and is heading to the Texas coast as I type this now (Face palm). H  really wanted to take her, and his family wanted to see her, so I agreed when we talked about it over a week ago. Hurricane Harvey is expected to make landfall tonight in Corpus Christi which is about 3 hours from Houston. We aren't worried about Houston being affected too much, but all the rain will definitely be an issue. I'm afraid they won't be able to come back on Sunday as planned. I will say that the media really hypes things up and you'll find yourself feeling alarmed if you watch the news long enough. I just skyped with my husband and Ava and all is well at the moment. He showed me that it was only slightly drizzling outside, but if you were to watch a news forecaster at the same moment, they would be in an ugly part of town that is prone to flooding and making it seem as though the situation is dire.  I'll update on Monday again with the latest. I know all my family, my baby and my husband are going to be fine, but I sure do miss them.

Have a good weekend. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Boots! Mini style

I've always adored little boots on babies, but as my own got older, it wasn't their first shoe to gravitate too once they started choosing for themselves. That is until I had Mariam. She loves boots and will wear them with any type of outfit. I think it's adorable! I think they're good for her too because she likes to get messy, though I do try to discourage her from playing outside with them too long. Sometimes I just let her. Depends if I feel like having a fight on my hands. 

There's that fiery spirit we all know and love!....uh most of the time....Like every time except when she's throwing a tantrum.

The tassel boots are from Target which I don't think they carry anymore, and the most recent tan boots--that look like the target ones are from Gymboree bought during their tax free weekend sale. They were $5.98. I kid you not. The sale was that good! I even bought Ava a pair. They are still on sale too but at $9.99. Snag yourself a pair here!

A few more you might love! 

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Happy shoe shopping!