Monday, January 23, 2017

DIY Valentine's Day Craft: Fabric Heart Garland

Valentine's Day is around the corner so I've gotten started on bringing out my Valentine's Day decor, and also making some of my own. I'm a sucker for hearts and garland so making a fabric heart garland made perfect sense. Here's how I made it.

Materials needed 
Fabric of your choice
Sewing machine or needle and thread
Hot glue gun
Ribbon of your choice

Special note: This project does require sewing. You can do it by hand but it will probably take you forever...

{Step 1} Select the fabric of your choice. Either free hand a small heart on a piece of paper and cut out to use as your pattern, or google a heart and print it out.

{Step 2} Double your fabric and trace out a heart. Pin those pieces together. It's up to you how many hearts you want to make. The more you cut out the longer your garland will be. 

{Step 3} Sew wrong sides together, then trim leaving a small section untrimmed where you will be turning them inside out. Some people just don't sew a small section where they'll be turning the fabric inside out, but I like to just sew all the way around and just open a small part with my seam ripper. 

{Step 4} After you've turned them inside out, go ahead and iron the little guys. 

{Step 5} Top stitch each heart, but not the opening. This is where you will be stuffing them. You will top stitch this closure once the stuffing is in. After you've top stitched, go ahead and stuff them. It's up to you how puffy you want the hearts. Just play around with it. 

{Step 6} Sew the closures shut. Admire your handy work. 

{Step 7} Unroll your choice of ribbon at the desired length you'd like. Also decide if you want to place the hearts close to each other, or more spaced apart. Place them on the ribbon to get a look before you start gluing. 

All done!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Happy sewing!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hello 2017!

As my 14 year old would say, "bruh--where do I even start?" I'm like months and months behind on baby Ava updates, life. My mind never shuts off and I don't always have a place to pour out my thoughts. This blog has always been one of my outlets, but always gets put on the back burner. It's a new year which means new changes, so hopefully I'll have more time. As it is, Mariam (baby number 3) starts pre-school this fall. It will be so crazy for me to just have one baby at home. 

the past few months haven't been the easiest pain wise. I still suffer from muscle knot pain off and on and it's looking like a got a new one in my massater muscle, which is the muscle along your jaw. I mean only me right? I don't feel the knot yet, but it hurts like a knot and it's been spasming. So annoying. Other than that, life still trucks along. I'm on a fitness journey again so I've been working out about 5-6 days a week, but fell off the wagon when we went to visit our families in Texas for 10 days. We got back this past Monday. and next week I'll get back to it. I've also been pretty involved with the Junior League so that keeps me busy as well. Business is also trucking along. It's time to get serious again. With getting used to the new dynamic of having 4 girls and hardly sleeping, I felt like I could really just do the bare minimum, but that's going to change this year. 

The girls are doing great. Ava is still not sleeping but hey maybe when she's two right? Haha. More detailed update on her later. 

Happy New Year!