Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Roses are red....

That's all I got. It's not valentine's day. Currently Ava is screaming in the other room with H. It's a little after 10:00 pm and I'm just trying to catch a small break from the girl's. Every waking moment is usually spent with them. I'm tired ya'll! I love them like crazy but I'm spent. She's refusing to go to sleep this evening and I'm over it. Wish Ava was as happy all day and night like this photo we took yesterday, and while I'm wishing, I wish she slept better as well. I'm always talking about how busy I am, but these past weeks have really taken the cake. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing this stay at home/work from home mom thing wrong. How is it that I don't relax at all till after they go to bed? That when I lay down my body is as tired as if I had been out all day doing some kind of back breaking work. I wish things were easier. I love this season in life with the girl's being little, and having one in high school but it's a hard season. 

Ps. I picked up this red eyelet dress last week from Target and it's amazing. Super comfortable and the best thing about it is, I got it under clearance for only $8.99! What a steal. It didn't come with a belt. I just added a red ribbon to give it better shape. It's currently unavailable online, but it may be able to be found in their clearance racks. I've linked a few similar below.

Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's been 84 years....

Said in my best Rose Dewitt from Titanic voice....

That's how long it feels that it's going to take me to finish this french provincial dresser!

It's coming along though. Hurricane Harvey had me putting it on the back burner and shortly after H and Ava got back, Hurricane Irma was on the way, so again it was put on the back burner. The kids were off school for a week and a half and they just went back yesterday. This weekend I started the project back up again. I'd say it's about 75% done. I'm hoping sometime by next week it will be complete. I'm really getting so sick of Layla and Mariam pulling their clothes out of their closet shelves every day! It's a huge mess. Sometimes I just put them back for them so it can be done a little neater or else they'll just shove all the clothes back in there. 

In it's ugly infancy.

Ready to be painted.

It's coming along.

Currently I am doing the drawers and then I have to go back and touch up any places the gold paint spilled over on the white. Also have to spray paint the hardware gold. The girls wanted to help a bit. I didn't let them sand really. They just gently went over a few drawers with a sanding sponge that's already worn down. Not sure how old the original paint is and what it has in it.

When all is said and done, I'll be doing a full post with the complete and detailed process and letting you know the mistakes I made and any new tricks I picked up,

Oh! I forgot to mention before, that the dresser came with a mirror! I'm not attaching it to the dresser though. Rather I decided to hang it in the breakfast nook. I really agonized painting over the original gold detailing, but I was not trying to spend another 84 years trying to redo it all! It turned out great all white.

Have a nice Tuesday!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hurricane to your left. Hurricane to your right.

Hurricane season is definitely here. H and Ava just got back last Sunday from Houston and now here we are in Florida preparing for Hurricane Irma. This feels like the longest drawn out hurricane ever! I pray there is no devastation in Florida. I wish it would just get on with it and go out into the ocean. 

(Yesterday 9/8/17 when mild gusts started. It was pretty sunny most of the day)

(Today 9/9/17. Overcast, rainy and windy)

Right now H is reading a story to the girls and I'm taking a quick moment to update my blog. The girls have been off school since Thursday and the schools will still be closed on Monday. We've been spending a lot of time outside but around 2 pm today the rain started and it's been off an on. There are wind gusts here and there and the conditions are getting worse now. Hurricane Irma should hit the Florida Keys early tomorrow morning. We are prepared and initially it was fore casted to hit the east side of south Florida, but it's now over on the west coast and we are out of the cone. We'll see what tomorrow brings but we are prepared. I think at best we just might get some tropical storm winds.

Due to everything that's been going on and everyone preparing for the hurricane, life feels like it's been put on standstill again. Before this came about I was still continuing to work on refurbishing a dresser and preparing for Ava's birthday party. She turns 2 this Tuesday but I'll be pushing her birthday party to some time later this week. Business has still been going. I've left the shop open and all orders have been shipped out. I'm hoping my mom can come visit next week. She's literally waiting as well to see what is going to happen with this hurricane. She originally wanted to drive out tomorrow afternoon from Texas. If the weather is going to be bad the rest of the week as well, there is no sense in her coming. We'll see what happens. Everything is just hanging in the air right now. 

Have a good weekend.