Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Finding the perfect white skinnies..

Is like pulling teeth! It took me two days. Two days! I'm persistent I'm telling you. I actually haven't shopped for pants in almost two years. The ones I have lasted me a long time because I'm not a huge jean wearer, (at least I wasn't before) and prior to January 2011 I was still working full time and I've also basically spent the last two years being pregnant.

So I went to the mall two weekends ago taking Serena and Mariam and spent a good few hours trying on various jeans. By mid day, I was sick of trying on jeans. It's so hard to find a good pair that you like. I'm pretty picky. I don't care so much about the length because with me being short, most pants are long. I do like them to look nice in the back though. The pocket has got to be right. So my mall trip ended with no white jeans. Boo...However, I did find a pair of hot pink pants that fit perfect in fit and length. Well they are ankle jeans that's why. I can't save the exact color, but here they are in mint from Macy's

The next day I continued my search and headed to the Houston Premium outlet malls. I went into a few stores--still not finding a good pair of white jeans I liked, so I decided to head into Pac Sun. Victory! I've never been in Pac Sun before, but let me tell ya, they've got a pretty decent selection of jeans. I found a pair I love for a great price and I also walked out with some adorable wedges that can be found online here.

So in the end, I found my perfect pair of white skinny jeans and then some. Yay. 

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