Thursday, January 15, 2015

All moved in!

Finally we got our internet set up in our new place! We've only been using our data on our phones and it's so slow here. Now we've got the wifi going so I can start blogging again. I've missed it! 

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks here and I am loving this gorgeous city! Even driving to and from the store or Serena's school is just peaceful. It also feels very safe. In several of the forums I read back when I was researching Boca, I read a lot of comments about people being rude, but I haven't seen that yet. Most people seem pretty nice and the girls and I get a lot of smiles. Serena is settling nicely in her new school and made friends the first day she was there. She's such a social butterfly. We also found our new church and got Serena back in choir. 

Layla and Mariam settled in just fine as well. They ask about my parents and my inlaws, but they haven't mentioned the old house at all. My friend mentioned that small children associate home with being where ever their things are, so I guess that's why they feel at home. As far as H, he is loving his new work place. His hours are fantastic and he no longer has to drive far. Since we've been here, we've checked out the beach twice, took the girls to pony rides and checked out a couple nature centers. There's just so much to do and we are in a great spot to be able to travel to neighboring cities. West Palm Beach is only 30 minutes away and Miami is 40 minutes away. We've also got the keys 3 hours away and Disney World 3 and a half hours away. There are also 2 airports 30 minutes away. 

I've take a ton of pictures on my phone, but my phone has been acting weird lately so it's not letting me email the pictures to myself. Hopefully once it's working right I can share pictures from the first two weeks. I'll start taking pictures with my camera again soon so stay tuned. ;)

Have a great 3 day weekend!

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  1. That looks like a beautiful place to live! We've been seriously researching moving to Florida one day!