Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ava month two!

I'm not sure what her weight is since she hasn't had her two month appointment yet, but she's definitely putting on the pounds. This baby loves to nurse! She's heavier and has outgrown a lot of her newborn clothes so I'm really happy she's thriving.

So far so good! She had a bit of baby acne around month one but it's pretty much cleared up. I'm also thankful that she didn't get the nasty cold that cycled through everyone in the house. She did have some congestion for a few days while I was trying to get over my cold, but it never progressed more than that.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, this baby rocks at the night time sleeping! She's the easiest baby so far in terms of sleeping. She used to go to sleep no earlier than 11pm, but now I can put her down for the night around 8:30 pm. Sometimes she'll take up until 9:30 or 10 pm, but once she's down, she normally only wakes up once. Sometimes twice, but when she does wake up, she'll nurse for about 10 minutes and then go right back to sleep. None of this needing to be rocked for like 30-40 minutes like the other girls.

Some newborn, but mainly 0-3 months and a few 3 months outfits.

Milk, milk, and more milk. I'm really thankful I get to stay home and can exclusively breastfeed her whenever she wants. I hate dealing with bottles. Nursing out in public has also been going really well. My clothes are obviously limited since I have to be in nursing friendly clothes, but that's part of it.  

Mastered! She has been wanting to be held a lot more these past few weeks and doesn't tolerate her car seat as well anymore. She used to go right to sleep when I'd put her in the car, but she's not liking car rides that much these days.

Ava is little miss sociable. She smiles a ton and is gaining more and more neck strength. She's such a joy and even on the hard days when I'm so tired and the kids are driving me crazy, I just look at her and thank God for this little tiny angel.

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  1. She's precious! And I just love her name (my little girl is Ava too!)