Sunday, July 17, 2016

Life Lately

It's been quiet around this blog lately but we've been busy. What am I saying!? It's usually always busy around these parts with a full household. My best friend and her family came to visit us and they stayed for about a week. We all had a great time and it's nice to get a break from daily life. We went to Miami, West Palm Beach, and ended the fun with 2 days at Marco Island. I'll be doing a full post on Marco Island, but here are some quick pics from my phone. In other exciting news, Ava was cast for her first commercial! It shot this past Saturday for Nature's Sleep, and I was able to snap a few quick pictures. It was for their new ghost bed pillow. I was a little worried about how she would do since she's been teething and extra clingy, but she did great! It was fun and thankfully wrapped up quickly before the babies got too fussy. I can't wait to see the commercial. 

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