Monday, September 5, 2016

Life Lately....again

Soooo...looks like the last time I updated was when school started. Silly me. I don't know why I thought things were going to get easier and more relaxed with 2 out of 4 in school again. Quite the opposite. I think it's gotten busier, less stress then with all 4 kids at home during the summer, but busier. I love it though and I plan on getting back to blogging 2-3 times a week again.

In the past few weeks, I joined the Junior League (which I'm super excited about and will go into detail later), the school advisory council for Layla's school and the PTA. Meetings, school functions, play dates, my business and 4 girls, well you can imagine that it's been go, go, go. The past weekends we've kept it pretty low key as we try to reel down from the busy week and still sleep deprived. A beach outing here, a pool outing there, baking, church, walks, grocery shopping, etc.

Oh I almost forgot to mention I've been home schooling Mariam who is 3 as well. She'll be 4 in November so with a late birthday, she misses the cutoff age to enter pre-school this year which means she doesn't get to start till next year. I want her to have a head start so we've been doing school in the mornings, broken up since I still have Ava to tend too. So far it's been working out well and I've noticed it's been helping her temperment too. She's very strong willed and challenging to put it nicely, but she can also be very sweet and she's pretty articulate for her age. 

Happy Labor Day!

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