Friday, February 10, 2017

What's up February?

I just put the baby down so finally, yes finally! It's quiet around here. Thought I'd take a moment to update the ole blog as I sit here and eat some peanut m&m's. You know I have to say, I feel like February and I had a bit of a rough start here, but things are looking up again and I believe we are going to finish out the rest of the month on a high note. In the past couple of weeks, I've worked on a few projects around the house, a few projects for Valentine's Day and have been keeping my head above water with keeping sane with the girls, and working my business. 

Speaking of Valentine's Day, here's a few projects the girls and I completed:

Faux floral heart wreath for the porch. I should have done a tutorial, but it was a crazy day and I needed to craft something to relax, and give the girls something to do.

Faux flower spring garland

Unicorn Valentine's day card box (tutorial here!)

As far as home updates, we are almost going to be here a year and I feel like I've really been slacking on getting our home furnished and decorated. With a new year upon us and more family coming (like my in-laws) this summer, I really want to make some progress. I recently repainted some white furniture that looked worn like Serena's bedroom set, and have slowly been buying little things here and there.

Gold wire basket (found at Michael's.)

I finally know what direction I'm going towards for the girl's bathroom. I'm going for a mermaid/ocean theme. Makes sense. We live in Florida close to the ocean. I found this gorgeous wall hanging for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. 

Note/picture holder found at Michael's. It came a rubbed sea green, but I painted it white. It's hanging in Serena's room above her keyboard, but I like to use it as a prop as well for my products.

It's getting late here and I should probably get to bed, because we all know Ava is going to wake up in a few hours as she always does. Goodnight all.

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