Monday, July 16, 2012

24 Week baby bump and an outfit post..

  • How far along? As of today, 24 weeks 2 days
  • Total weight gain: Up 13 lbs. I have a feeling I'll gain about 25 lbs total. Or maybe that's just what I want to gain? Who am I kidding, I'll probably gain 35 lbs like I did with Layla. 
  • Maternity clothes? Yes some. I can still squeeze into some pants that sit low but it gets uncomfortable when I sit down.
  • Stretch marks? No new ones.
  • Sleep: It's been the same. I'm having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.
  • Best moment this week: Just feeling my baby grow.
  • Miss Anything? Not too much other than my body feeling normal. 
  • Movement: Definitely! This little girl is busy. It's like she hardly sleeps.
  • Food cravings: Chocolate like always
  • Food aversions: Not really
  • Boy or girl: Girl!
  • Labor Signs: No
  • Symptoms: Really uncomfortable this past week. Lot's of stretching on my sides and pressure on my bladder.
  • Belly Button in or out? It's kind of out. 
  • Wedding rings on or off? On.
  • Looking forward to: An OB appt this week. :)

    Now onto the outfit...

    I bought this adorable maxi dress at Marshall's a few days ago and I'm in love. Maxi dresses are so comfortable and the best thing is--I can still wear it when I'm not pregnant either. Score!

    I stepped out of my comfort zone again and applied some brown shadow on my lids and black liner under my eyes. I like the way it came out, but I'm most comfortable not wearing too much makeup. I wish I was good at experimenting with eyeshadows but I'm not. Oh well. With my heavy lids too much puts me in the clown category.


  1. You look gorgeous!!!! And I'm loving the Maxi!!! How tall are you?? I'm 5'3 and maxi dresses are always so long on me! :(

    1. Thanks Anna. I'm only 5'1. Hmm..interesting. I don't usually find that they are that long in the stores.

  2. you are seriously the cutest pregnant woman!! When I was pregnant with Scarlett all I wore were maxi dresses, not maternity ones I just bought cheap ones from H&M or F21 in my non pregnant size so they would fit more tightly. I actually felt smaller when my clothes were fitted.

    1. :) How funny. I'm the opposite. My bump seems smaller when I'm in loose clothes. When they are fitted I feel much larger.

  3. LOVE the dress!! AND the baby bump you look great:)

  4. I love this dress--well, I love all your dresses. I thought about you yesterday actually because I finally made it to a F21 and found a dress that is similar to your tan one for my maternity photo shoot.

  5. Great dress. Pretty and pregnant. :)

  6. You look great! Maxi dresses are a life saver in the heat. I will be 20 weeks on Friday and feeling the baby move is really amazing!

  7. How lovely are you! You look radiant :)

    I found you through Casey Wiegand's blog, and am your newest follower!