Monday, June 24, 2013

La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa Vacation

The husband was off for two weeks recently, so we decided to take a mini-vacation last week. We left on a Saturday and came back last Wednesday. It was a nice little 4 day vacation at a lake resort in Conroe which is about an hour and 15 minutes from us. We went with two other families and wanted to stay close because Mariam does not do well on long car rides! 

We stayed in one of the villa's instead of being in the main hotel and upon arrival, it seemed nice enough, but as we made our way into the villa area, I was a little put off by how outdated the outside looked. Do not judge a book by it's cover, because the room was clean, spacey, and modern. We went during slow days so certain things weren't open, but the main attraction which is their water park was awesome! They have a splash pad, a few slides, several pools, and a lazy river. The kids had so much fun!

These are some i-phone outfit pictures and a few bibs I packed for Mariam.


  1. That looks like soo much fun! Those chubby baby legs in the first picture are to die for.

  2. What a great trip!!! The little lace sandals are adorable!

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