Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Days


Last summer I was pregnant and tired so I really didn't do a whole lot with the girls. Not too mention Layla was still taking 2 naps a day, and I'm a stickler about doing things out and about around her naps. This time I've got yet another baby but Mariam still manages to get in 3 naps a day, and Layla is down to one long nap a day. I still try to schedule things around naps, but also trying to keep Serena my oldest entertained. I plan on enrolling Serena in at least two camps this summer. One will be a church camp for a few hours each evening in July, and I also want to put her in tennis lessons, or something music oriented. 

By the way, can anyone recommend a decent blog designer, or a good template for changing my blog header? It really needs to be revamped!

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