Friday, February 7, 2014

The early bird catches the wrinkle?

I found that when I turned 30 I really started to scrutinize myself even more looking for signs of aging. I found myself comparing myself to pictures from when I was in my early 20's to make sure I still looked the same. I know I don't have much to worry about because I look young for my age and my mother has always looked young as have mostly all the women on her side of the family, but still--I would like to keep my youthful appearance.

A few months ago I realized that my under eye bags were looking puffy. Well they'll get puffy if I'm lacking on sleep, but it just seemed more than usual, and mainly just my left one. After some research I found the cause to be most likely sleeping on that side (which I'm not 100% sure on since I thought I mainly slept on the right side of my face) and allergies. My allergies have certainly flared up this winter season. I decided to invest in ROC retinol correxion eye cream, and by invest I mean I totally used a gift card from Target because $22.00 for eye cream still seemed like a lot. I often see this eye cream listed as one of the top 10 best eye creams but I wasn't sure if it was for me because I don't have wrinkles around my eyes, no crows feet when I smile, nothing. Maybe I don't smile that big? Anyways, I bought it for the puffiness and I think prevention is a good thing. I was excited to first use it and expecting results right away...don't we all? Ha!

I really like the creaminess of it. It's not too thin and not too thick, and I have experienced no itching or stinging. I think it took about a week and a half to two weeks before I started feeling like it was making a difference in the puffiness. However my next purchase may be an eye cream that just targets this. Either way, I'm fine with it using it as a preventive measure till I run out and will definitely give it another shot once I'm older. 

Another recent face product I bought was L'Oreal's Hydra Fresh Toner and to be honest I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for. I don't have acne, or uneven skin tone. Except for some redness I get on my T-zone, I don't have too many complaints. Oh I do have an issue with really dry skin after washing it but it hasn't helped in that regards, so again not sure what it's doing for me yet. I suppose another product I'm using just as a preventive measure and hey, the bottle is cute. 

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  1. I just sent a text to my friend yesterday saying when the heck did I start getting wrinkles!? I guess thats what happens once you leave your 20's behind (tear). At least we can still look and feel young though! You look so youthful so whatever your doing keep it up!