Monday, April 14, 2014

Big News!!

No I'm not pregnant. I know that's what people's minds go to immediately when a young mother of a few littles already says "big news". Haha! This has to do with the business. 

I announced last week that my business is expanding it's product line and I'm excited to announce my own line of nursery décor will be making it's debut on the website in 3 weeks! This may come as a surprise as I mentioned earlier this year on my social media that children's wear was next in line in the product expansion, but after months of working on updating my youngest one's nursery, I was so inspired I've decided to bring nursery décor next up in production. I'm so excited! There will be items for both girls and boys and sneak peaks will be coming soon on the business social media pages and website.

I am a little nervous and immediately after I made the announcement I felt my stomach in knots. Oh and I finally filed to become an LLC as well. It's almost like there's no turning back now. Not that I would want to, but still. Sometimes I feel like I'm a crazy nut for putting so much on my plate. Scratch that I am a crazy nut. I'm in a middle of another wholesale order (my biggest yet) going to Alaska and here I'm already planning and putting more on my plate. The good news is I've got an excellent seamstress right now, support from my mother and husband and I've met some people that can possibly help me with my upcoming endeavors. That's not to say I feel much weight lifted off my shoulders. Things still get stressful, I still question what I'm doing and while the kids still get my undivided attention during the day, I've not been able to have time to plan for much else. Which means, I've now got two weeks to plan Layla's 3rd birthday. I wish we could clone ourselves for a few days sometimes when we need to. 

Have a great Monday!

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