Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Must Have {Ikea NÄPEN Clothes Stand}

Last week I took Layla and Mariam to Ikea during the day to look around and it actually went really well. I was even able to let Mariam out of the Babyhawk and Layla out of her stroller and they behaved like civilized human beings. Even lunch there went without a hitch! While I was there, I spotted a clothes stand in the children's section. They only had the display and weren't going to have anymore in stock till this week, so I decided to take my chance again and made another trip there yesterday with Layla and Mariam. I was able to get the stand, but sweet mother of God did the girls give me a hard time! Halfway through the store I practically had to carry Layla out of the store and through the parking lot screeching and even Mariam gave me a hard time. I swear by the time I got behind the steering wheel my heart was pounding from the adrenaline of being so worked up.
That is the last time I'm taking them on my own. Just so we're clear.
Oi Vey, anyways let's talk about this ridiculously cute and cheap clothes stand. For only $14.99 it's absolutely fabulous for hanging your favorite dress, a children's tutu, or any outfit really. I specifically bought it for the nursery, but now I want one for my room. I know Serena is going to want one too. This my friends is where having girls....and being a girl can get expensive.
The stand comes with instructions and it's so easy and adjustable. I believe the tallest it gets is around 4.8" tall.
Have a great Wednesday!

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