Friday, May 9, 2014

Birthday outfits!

My mom was unable to be here for Layla's 3rd birthday party so she insisted on buying the girl's outfits last week before she left. We first went to Macy's and I immediately fell in love with a white lace dress for Layla. It didn't hurt that it was marked down heavily. I actually liked two different lace dresses and it was so sweet to see Layla try on clothing in a dressing room for the first time. I always just buy something for her without trying it on since she's a toddler, but I wanted to make sure the dress I picked fit right. After trying them on and deciding, my mom came across a mint lace outfit for Mariam and then of course we had to get Serena something too to match her sisters.

I had to join in on the fun too so I wore my lace Agaci top and white jeans from Pac Sun.
I'll post more birthday pictures next week. Have a great weekend!

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