Monday, December 1, 2014

Formal dining room tour

Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a good weekend eating turkey leftovers or spending time with family and friends. We spent time with family and also working around the house. I've had requests to do a house tour in the past and never got around to it, but I did photograph our formal dining room about a week ago.

The nursery is my favorite room in the house, but the dining room comes in second. I hadn't been able to entertain in it as much as I would have liked, but over the years I have here and there. It's usually not as neat. Sometimes it doubles as an office, sewing or storage room for things like the vacuum or random toys.

Our dining room set is Italian from designer Antonio Marelli and the crystal chandelier is a Schonbek. H and I loved the dining room set instantly almost 5 years ago, but I'd like to move onto something else. We bought it because we have a victorian house and wanted to have furniture that flowed with the house. I still love elegant furniture, but I'd like to move towards something a little more modern.

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