Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mommy & Me

I swear I must be certifiable to speed up instead of slow down during pregnancy. I always do this to myself but I guess I thrive on chaos. It's been a busy few days thus far and I'm happy to announce that the first few items of my upcoming maternity accessory line are in pre-production! I'm so excited about it and a little scared. Manufacturing a product is not cheap and there will be some financial hurdles I'll be coming across in the next 2 months, but if there's a will there is a way. 

I also want to announce that a limited amount of mommy and me tulle skirts will be hitting the shop next week! I first made myself one back in December and a friend suggested I make more but then so much happened. We moved, found out I was pregnant and then had horrible nausea for 2 and a half months...all while juggling my family and the business. So much going on, but very excited about growing the FHJ brand.

Here are a few sneak peaks. Layla is modeling the toddler version of the tulle skirt.

Have a great Wednesday and be sure to follow my shop on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with the latest!


  1. Ah! Congrats! I'm bad. I haven't been doing as much reading lately since the move. Getting back on it. So happy for you!

    1. Thank you April! I hear you. I've been bad about keeping up with other blogs as well. It's hard to fit in the the time. ;)