Friday, May 29, 2015

Coping with pregnancy hormones

Before you get all comfortable with your morning coffee thinking I've got some great tips because I've been pregnant 5 times and should be an old pro at this, guess again. I'm currently in the midst of a rough pregnancy roller coaster ride this week. In fact I thought about making the heading of this post "when mommy flies off the handle".

Writing is therapeutic though (there's one tip for ya) so here I am pouring my thoughts out to you fine people. I've mentioned before that the first trimester was particularly rough because I had terrible nausea for a while. I didn't mention that weeks 7-10 were a little hard with all the emotions. When I first found out I was pregnant with this baby it was only 6 days after making a huge move from Texas to Florida. A 4th baby just wasn't in the plans. I almost didn't want to tell my husband I was expecting--at least not until I was showing. I was nervous to tell him. He's very practical and I knew he would be bring up the cost of raising another child here in Florida where we were still adjusting to a higher cost of living. He surprised me by laughing and mentioning how the timing is crazy but on the other hand he feels blessed. However, as the weeks went by and I grew sicker I felt I wasn't getting the support I needed. Emotionally and physically as in taking care of more things around the house. We had a couple talks and things got much better. 

Since then and when the nausea went away, the pregnancy has been going great. Any nervous feelings I had about bringing a 4th child into the world have long been gone and I cherish every day I'm pregnant with this sweet baby girl. Monday was a particularly wonderful day with the family and I marveled at how lucky I was. Come Tuesday something changed drastically. I've felt more tired this week, irritable, and been having these anger outbursts. I know I work hard at my business and around the house and I don't get enough sleep, but that's nothing new. I'm attributing these anger outbursts to pregnancy hormones. For instance yesterday I was ok, but towards the end of the day I ended up throwing a closed bottle of Pepsi across the room and broke a glass cup by shoving it in the dishwasher angrily. Mommie dearest anyone?

Today is Friday which means H is home for the next two days and that definitely makes things easier. I also scheduled a prenatal massage for the evening so hopefully that helps. We also plan on going to the beach this weekend which is relaxing. I'm no expert at coping with pregnancy hormones and sometimes I do a crappy job at it--as in I don't nearly take some "me" time as much as I should, but I think the first important step is being able to recognize yourself when you're acting out of sorts and making a positive effort to deal with it. 

Have a great weekend!

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