Tuesday, September 8, 2015

38 Weeks Pregnant!

(These pictures are from last week)

Total weight gain: 26 pounds. 

Maternity clothes? Yes! The state of my wardrobe is so sad I borrowed one of my 12 year olds dresses and I wear it as a top. Haha!

Stretch marks? Just some little old ones from Mariam. 

Sleep: I don't necessarily wake up to use the bathroom, but whenever the girls wake up (which is 1-3 times a night) I have to go straight to the bathroom after I've taken them back to their room. 

Best moment this week: Having a 3 day weekend with the family was nice. 

Movement: She doesn't move as much since she's getting crowded. It was the same way at 38 weeks with Mariam as well. I feel more small movements and nudges than lots of pokes. 

Food cravings: Still having my nightly oreos with a cold glass of milk. The chocolate craving is always there.  

Labor Signs: I had very bad cramps yesterday morning that radiated from my stomach to my back and down to my legs. It actually pinged my radar and I thought something could be up since I've never experienced cramps like these this late in a pregnancy, but apparently it was nothing. Just my body getting ready. I have an OB appt this Thursday and an internal will be done so we'll see if I've dilated anymore. 

Symptoms: Aside from being tired from lack of sleep, I feel ok. Better than I did some weeks in the beginning  of the third trimester. It is rather painful switching sides in bed at night. i have to be sure to hold the bump just right. 

My husband was drawing with the girls the other day and he thinks he's funny. I guess he was pretty close. My poor Mariam keeps getting bumped in the head by my protruding bump. 


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  1. Ha! Love the illustrations :) Good luck getting through the next few weeks and for the work that comes next!