Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let there be light!

I'm a sucker for chandeliers. Love them! There are so many different varieties and they really add a touch of elegance to any space. They also don't have to be expensive. There's all types to fit your style and Craigslist or consignment shops are a great resource as well. Our last house in Texas had 3 chandeliers but mainly because they went with the Victorian feel of the house. I wasn't sure what lighting we were going to go with in this new house at first. Originally H wanted to install track lighting in 2 of the bedrooms, but that idea got nixed and we ended up returning the lights. Home Depot was having a sale and we had some store credit, so we put it towards lighting and bought two chandeliers. I guess we are going with a chandelier in all 3 bedrooms and the breakfast, formal dining room, and living room. Here is our lighting so far that we've installed.

Breakfast room

Crystal & chrome chandelier {Home Depot}

Serena's room

Antique white mini chandelier {Home Depot}

Layla & Mariam's room

Laurel rustic white chandelier {Home Depot}

Formal dining & living room

This chandelier came in the house, but it's probably not staying in the dining room. I plan on spray painting it white and putting it in the master bedroom. The living room light is currently not installed as you can see by the hole in the ceiling. We found a light, H installed it, and then we took it down 2 days later because we just weren't feeling it. Finding a chandelier for the living room has been hard. I want it to be just right because it's one of the first things you see as soon as you walk in the house. Here are a few I'm loving:

Cheyenne 9-light chandelier {Joss & Main}

Pennington chandelier {Joss & Main}

Claiborne 6 light chandelier {Bellacor}

Hyde Park Chandelier {Wayfair}


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