Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ava 6 months!

She hasn't had her 6 month check up yet but I'm guessing maybe she weighs about 15 or 16 pounds. She is in 6-9 month clothes and can wear some 12 month clothes. She's definitely feeling heavier.

This past month has been pretty good minus one cold where it was mainly just a runny nose and congestion. Poor thing. I hate when she has a stuffy nose. It's hard to breathe and she must feel miserable. 

Still terrible and I'm still terrible at sticking to a plan. A friend of mine let me borrow her glider so I can start rocking Ava in it and not nursing her in the bed, but at time I still bring her in the bed. I just get so exhausted and my shoulders start aching that I nurse her in the bed and sometime co-sleep. She's still waking up every 2 hours. It's really exhausting and it makes me a bit sad. I don't want her to get bigger, but I also want to sleep and I would have preferred not to spend her first year a tired emotional mess half the time from lack of sleep.

She is in 6-9 month clothing and some 12 month. 

Still breastfeeding great. I started her on solids 3 weeks ago and so far she's doing great with it. Sometimes she makes these faces, but she's been eating pretty well. As of last week she's been eating 3 solids a day and no it hasn't helped her sleep through the night yet.

It's gotten better. She can sit on her own now and can spend more time playing quietly on her own. Before she just wanted to be constantly in arms. She's starting to see that there is much exploring to do and things to taste. 

Ava has started to scoot and she crawled twice. I'm sure it was the momentum, but she did put a knee in front of the other and move forward. I'm in no hurry though. It's fine with me if she takes a while to crawl or walk, I just want her to sleep through the night. 

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