Monday, May 23, 2016

Layla's enchanted garden birthday party!

For Layla's birthday party, we rented a pavilion in a nice park near our house which backed up to one of their nature trails, so it really gave a nice setting for the perfect enchanted garden party. I didn't have a lot of time planning the party, but everything came out beautifully. Layla likes fairies so the idea hit me about 2 weeks before her birthday. I tend to plan the kids birthday parties late because I'm always busy, but multi-tasking and getting things done quickly is my specialty! My best advice on where to start with decorating whether it's your house or a party, is to find that one or a few items that you love--that you know you are going to incorporate and start building from there. Maybe you have several items you love and know you're going to use, in which I think you've made it easier for yourself. In my case I am extremely picky and it takes me a while to settle on decor sometimes. For Layla's party, it was rose floral garlands from Hobby Lobby that I knew I had to have and I built the rest of the party from there. 

I bought several since they were 50% off and then proceeded to walk around Hobby Lobby throwing butterflies, gnomes, more greenery and other garden related items in my cart. I have a lot of faux florals at home so I also saved money that way by bringing a lot of decor from home. I also wanted to incorporate gold as an accent color and could not pass up this awesome faux gold foil chandelier from Hobby Lobby as well. How cool is it?!

For the tables, I bought white plastic covers from Party City and the decorations were a picture of Layla in a gold frame, faux florals in a vase and some butterflies. There were also tissue paper flowers on some of them. Another table was used for crafting, cake table, food table, and goodie bag present table. For food we did two kinds of chips, fruit, salad and dressings, donuts, chick fil A cool wrap sandwiches and chicken nuggets. Drinks were water, sodas, and capri suns. We also had a snow cone machine for anybody that wanted some. This is our personal one from home. They are pretty inexpensive on Amazon. For entertainment we had a bubble machine going that you can find at Target here, two hula hoops, and a paint your own wooden creature crafting table. The kids did a lot of running around as well. For the cake I did a previous post on all the details which you can find here

 Have a great Monday! I'll be doing a separate post on the faux floral hair wreaths.


  1. Have a great Monday! I'll be doing a separate post on the faux floral hair wreaths.

  2. Glad to know about this garden birthday party. Last month, I arranged a tea party with my cousins at a beautiful venue NYC. Decorated venue with flowers and ornaments. I had invited all my cousins. Had great time with them all.