Thursday, July 13, 2017

Because you know I'm all about them bows...

Hellooooooo blog readers! Did ya miss me? You guys I've had family back to back over here. The last set of in-laws isn't leaving till another week and a half, so things still aren't normal around here. Couple that with my business and not sleeping great thanks to miss baby Ava still, well....I'm one tired momma. That's the story of my life now.....being tired. 

What can you do though? Just have to keep pushing through and pray this baby sleeps sooner than later. At least I can slap on like 20 pounds of concealor to help hid the bags and wear something cute like this absolutely adorable gingham bow peplum top. I love it! It runs big, but it's super comfy, easy to put on and looks great dressed up or down.

Gingham top {Romwe}

You guys I love it so much I even stayed up late Monday night just to sew a matching bib for Ava so we could twin in Miami. I'm a little crazy like that. 

Cute no?

Have a great weekend!

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