Thursday, January 25, 2018

Loving Lately...Fashion Edition

1) Embellished tights

I am obsessed with these gorgeous tights. I fully intend to make something similar for myself this year when I make the time. You can easily buy a pair of fishnets for cheap online and either hot glue or sew on the embellishments. Whichever route you go, you will have to hand wash them very carefully when the time comes. 

2) Embellished jeans

The same applies with the tights. You can easily do these yourself on jeans you currently own or buy. I highly recommend you buy rhinestones and embellishments that you can sew on. Jeans need to be washed obviously so they will hold up if you sew them on.

3) Embellished skirts


As you can see I'm a bit obsessed with embellishments! I found the last two pictures on Asos, but they are out of stock. I definitely have a thing for gorgeous skirts. They always stand out to me even more than a dress these days, especially ones that flair out away from the body. A big reason why I love tulle skirts so much.

3) Hair bows...for adults

I don't think you are ever too old to wear a bow in your hair. I've seen elderly women wearing their hair gathered with a bow at the nape of their neck, and I always thought it looked elegant. Today is an easy day (as in no scheduled activities) and I'm wearing a simple ponytail with a pretty mauve ribbon. I picked up some gorgeous ribbons this week at Hobby Lobby that reminded me of Spring and I've been itching to use them! 

Have a great Thursday!


  1. Those tights are so pretty! 😍

    1. I know. I love them! Not something you see every day. ;)