Sunday, February 18, 2018

Save the thoughts....fight for change

I was looking forward to Valentine's Day just like most mom's eager to bring a little smile and sweet surprise to their little one's face. I left little boxes of chocolate on their dressers, and took them to school since it was a Wednesday. The day was like any other day. Mariam and Layla were picked up like usual. We rifled through their cards and sweets they got from school. At 3:00 pm, I loaded the little one's in the car and drove to Serena's high school. About 5 minutes away, I turn the radio on and that's where I first heard about the shooting. It didn't seem right. It didn't seem real.

 How can another school shooting have happened?! How could it have happened in Parkland 30 minutes away from us in Boca?!

No that can't be right.....They didn't know the number of casualties at the time, but later we learned the shooting claimed 17 victims. Today during mass we learned the parents of one of the victims attends our church. My heart is broken for all the people involved in this senseless violence. As a parent I can't even begin to process what the parents of the children that passed feel. It's unthinkable. I've had trouble falling asleep for the past 4 nights because every night before bed, I get so sad and angry that this has happened again. No matter where you stand on gun control, something is very very wrong in our country. I refuse to live in a world where sending our kids to school could mean we might never see them alive again. I for one am sick of the thoughts and prayers and everyone just arguing their side on the matter, and nothing gets done!


I encourage everyone to get involved however you can. This affects all of us. There are several organizations that you can join:

You can also contact your representatives and Facebook them. Here's another great link on more ways to get involved:

Please don't look the other way. Enough is enough. Not one more.

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