Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Weekend wrap up + Projects lately

I don't know about you all, but this daylight savings time change is kicking my butt. I'm already tired thanks to Ava not sleeping through the night, but it's like I've got a new layer of tiredness over my tiredness....if that makes sense. Through it all today I feel content. I feel content in my domestic life and my work life at the moment. I can never tell how a day is going to end up when I think about it the night before. It's hit or miss. Some days I'm happy as a clam and everything is working in my favor, and some days the kids are driving me nuts, I've barely eaten. Playing chauffeur driving all over town for the kids is exhausting, I'm frustrated as hell, and it can't be 5:00 pm soon enough, so H will walk through the door and I'll see another adult who understands how hard these kids can be with me sometimes. He doesn't get everything that I do--all the small moving parts that keep this ship moving, but he understands the personalities of our children. 

Onto what I meant to talk about though. Last week was a week if you know what I mean. A week! So when H asked if I wanted to go out Friday night after the daddy/daughter dance at Layla's school, with a few of his friends, you know he didn't have to ask me twice! We went to a few different bars/lounges in Fort Lauderdale and got home way past our bedtime, but we had a blast. Saturday was spent doing little things around the house, keeping the kids occupied, and doing some work for the business. Sunday there was a birthday party, drinks with neighbors and a Costco trip.

Something I didn't accomplish much of this weekend was my house projects. We still haven't put Serena's new doors up, but at least all the painting is done. We need to buy a trim and the hinges this weekend.

I also haven't finished the base of the dining room table I've been working on. 

I also need to put up the new wall decor for my foyer gallery wall. I have this sign and also found an adorable heart shaped faux greenery piece that will go on the other side. 

Something I did accomplish was completing the shelf decor for the breakfast nook. The mini plant was bought at Target on Friday, the cups are old from TJ Maxx, and the picture was taken by me when Serena was 9 years old. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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