Monday, June 25, 2018

Little frozen treats for my sweets...

Happy Monday all. We had a low key weekend. I actually relaxed this weekend and watched a lot of soccer. Have you been watching the World Cup? Gosh it really makes me miss playing soccer. The last time I played on a team was when I was 28. I actually quit because we were trying to conceive again and I didn't want to do anything that was too strenuous. Here we are years later with 4 girls. Crazy how life works.

It's been so hot already that we couldn't pass up buying some freezer ice pop molds recently. My girl's have a sweet tooth just like me so I try to find healthy alternatives. We're a big fan of making homemade limeade so we made some the other day and froze it in molds for popsicles. I'm not a fan of store bought popsicles for them.

Here's what you need to make limeade:

7-8 limes
About half a cup of sugar

Cut your limes in half

Squeeze them in your pitcher

Once you've squeezed your limes, then add water to fill and finally sugar. 

Just pour in the molds, top, and freeze for a few hours. Enjoy the leftover limeade with dinner. 

Freezer Ice pops: {Walmart}

When I bought these, they were only 96 cents, but they are now advertised for $5.98. My one complaint would be that they are a little hard to pull out once frozen, but I saw on one review that you can run them under warm water before you pull them out. 

Here a a few other yummy recipes for freezer ice pops:

Blueberry yogurt ice pops:
Strawberry yogurt ice pops:
Strawberry cheescake yogurt pops:

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