Thursday, June 28, 2018

The modern and chic coffee table you never knew you needed

The kids actually went to sleep pretty fast tonight thank God! Let me tell you, bedtimes have been a bit stressful for me...who am I kidding? Very stressful these days, because Ava only wants me to put her down. She's very much going through a "mommy only" phase. So at bedtime just when I think one or two, or all three are ready to drift off into dreamland, they need yet another sip of water, or they decided they need a stuffed animal to sleep with, or they do in fact need to use the bathroom. Arghhh!!! Sometimes it takes forever for them to get settled and then I've had it. I console myself with the fact that one day bedtime will get easier, and then chocolate. Hey, but on the Ava sleeping front, she had 4 good nights in a row this week. That's great progress! 

I've gone off on a tangent here about bedtime when we're supposed to be talking about coffee tables. I've actually been on the hunt for awhile even before we bought our new sofas. I knew I wanted one with a white table top, or all white, so it wouldn't of mattered what sofa's I bought, it was going to match. Usually my first stop is Offer Up. I am very much a bargain shopper. If I can buy it used and refurbish it myself, that's the route I'll go first. I didn't see anything that I really liked so I moved to looking at new one's online. I ended up falling in love with one from Joss & Main and it's the perfect size for our living room! The white table top and gold legs are super chic and fit my color palette perfectly. 

Gold & White coffee table: {Joss & Main}
White tray: Similar {Here}
Teal glass votive candle holder: {Target}
White faux flowers: HomeGoods
Gold peacock box: {Target}

I love how the neutral setting allows me to easily interchange items when I get the urge. Also, all the Opalhouse decor from Target was all marked down on clearance when I bought it, but showing regular price online. The tray was actually only $5.

Here are a few other gorgeous coffee tables that I considered, though if you have small children and are paranoid like me, you may not want anything that's glass or has corners. 

Have a great Thursday!

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