Wednesday, January 9, 2019

New Year's trip: Savannah, Georgia!

Happy new year all! 2018 just flew by. It's crazy! The girls are back in school as of yesterday and life's normal routine is definitely back in full swing--complete with Mariam's meltdowns. This morning she wouldn't get off the car because I had to drop her and Layla off in the back lot of the school, instead of her kindergarten lot. We had gotten there early--which we normally don't do, but Serena wanted to get to High school early. Mariam wouldn't get off the car and Serena had to get her off. I hate having to leave Mariam like that but we were holding up the rest of the cars behind us, and she has to go to school. Mornings like these are rough. Can I go back on vacation now? Ha-ha.

Two weeks before Christmas, H wanted to spontaneously take the girls to see snow since he was taking off the first week of January. We looked on VRBO and booked a cabin in Leicester, NC. We were going to drive straight there, but a few days before decided to stop in Savannah, GA for the night. We stayed in the historic district, and it was really nice. The hotel we stayed in was Andaz, which is a cute eclectic boutique hotel in a great spot. The weather was warmer than we thought, but it was perfect and we enjoyed strolling through the city, eating at Paula Deen's restaurant Lady's & Sons, letting the girls play in the park, checking out some shops, and sight-seeing. Another really good place to eat is Treylor Park. It's got some great southern food with a twist. I just love those little chic hipster places with reinvented dishes.

Savannah is a great place to visit and I would do it again! I'll be writing about the rest of our trip in North Carolina later this week. Have a great Wednesday!

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