Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crafty Tuesday

Serena had a slight fever this morning and didn't feel too well so I kept her home from school. Poor thing, she may be catching what I have. I've been sick since Wednesday but I'm getting better. 

Today was perfect to work on some Valentine's Day crafts. 

H isn't crazy about us working in the formal living room, but it's the longest table in the house, so I use a sheet to protect the table if I'm working in here.

Little miss Layla was extra clingy today for some reason but I was able to keep her occupied by moving her around. She spent a little time in her playpen and a little time in her bouncer. The calm demeanor you see here only lasted a short time.

I made a heart for Layla's room and some other hearts with Serena.

I absolutely adore pink and tan together. Layla's room is done in pink and tan. The colors are so soft and dainty.

Our hard work lol.

Shortly after our crafts, I went upstairs to put Layla down for a nap and this is what I came back down too..

Oh boy...

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