Monday, February 6, 2012

Diaper bag...No thanks. Big purse? Yes please!

Early on in my pregnancy this time around, I knew I did not want a conventional diaper bag. I wanted a big purse to use as a dipaer bag. I just did not see a diaper bag that fit my style.

I threw my husband a few hints..::wink..wink::..and he picked out a bag on his own and gave it to me for my birthday the beginning of June. 

The man has good tastes because this Ralph Lauren bag was one I hadn't come across and I loved it!

I can fit alot of things in here. Several diapers, baby food, baby bottles, my makeup, wallet, etc. I've had this bag for 8 months already and the interior is still spotless.

If you plan on using a regular purse as a diaper bag, you will probably want to get an insulated bottle holder to keep babies bottles cold or hot. Honestly I never had to use one when Layla was a newborn because I had no problem nursing in public so I had no use for bottles. Once I started supplementing, she took the bottles at room temperature so again not needed. I probably used a bottle holder twice when my husband went somewhere with the baby and needed to transport milk. The one I used was a free one that I got from the hospital.

If you are worried about food spilling just be sure to keep the food in ziplock baggies and any sippy cups tightly stored. I also recommend having another bag handy if you are leaving the baby with a relative, or if your husband takes the baby somewhere without you. The hospitals usually give out simple baby bags with some samples.


  1. I really want to do this with my next baby, with the first one we only bottle fed but I'm hoping to breastfeed this baby so I hope it works out!!

    1. glad im not the only one thinking this way! Were having our first baby in March and I am on the hunt for a large purse aka diaper bag ;) love yours!

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