Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings...

Layla says happy Monday!!
Are you feeling like frolicking through the grass barefoot like Julie Andrew's in the sound of music yet?
That's ok. I don't either, but this picture of Layla always makes me smile. I use it on my website which by the way, not too long ago I released boy bibs as well as gender neutral bibs if you haven't seen yet. Shamless plug.
I haven't blogged since last Wednesday which is awhile for me. Honestly I've been tired and I got stumped last week. This just tends to happen sometimes. I'm sure if you blog, you can relate. Blogging is an outlet for me, but at the same time I like my content to at least be a little interesting. I don't like to post just for the sake of getting something out there if you know what I mean.
Lately I've been busy trying to grow my business which is fun and exciting. However, physically I've noticed I'm moving slower by the week. That's expected as I near my due date. Speaking of which, I'm getting ANXIOUS you guys! Another thing that's common towards the end. I'm starting to get more uncomfortable but I know I'm going to miss being pregnant. I'm going to miss the round bump, the kicks, the way my husband cradles my belly and goes "Oh!" everytime the baby moves. Random conversations that stem from strangers noticing the bump is also nice too. I haven't quite reached the point where I'm like "get this baby out of me!" That usually happens around 37 weeks.
By the way, I get to see the baby this Thursday! I haven't had an ultrasound since 21 weeks where we found out the sex. Apparently my OB thinks that my fundal height is measuring small for almost 33 weeks (which is where I was last Thursday). She only measured my belly with her fingers not the tape measure so I have a feeling she's off. I'm measuring more like 28 weeks is what she said--so we need to check on the growth. I find that odd because my belly is big. It feels big!

My other camera slims me down when I take pics outside. It's partly the dresses fault but I have gone into full blown tent mode. This is why I prefer fitted dresses and tops. It looks like twins in there.

 It's also the same size as with Layla and I was always measuring 2 cm ahead in fundal height. So we'll see what they say on Thursday. I'm not too worried about it, but obviously doctors have the ability to put thoughts in your head that you didn't have before. I just want the baby to be healthy. 


  1. You still look AWESOME though, its literally all belly. You are going to loose that instantly!!

  2. You are all belly!!!! Adorable!! Getting so close!

  3. PS I just wanted to let you know that it's so funny that we not only share the same name but I was also going to name my daughter Layla!!! Great minds think alike! Unfortunately it was a battle with my hubby since he was stuck on the name Kylie, so we compromised and have a Kayla! :) anyway just thought it was a funny fact:)

    1. Lol. My best friend just had her third on Friday and named her Kayla.

  4. Your daughter is beautiful, Love your blog!!

  5. haha @ the tent...i've got that going on too, except you look way better than me with the tent so i try to refrain from wearing dresses lol. try not to worry too much about your belly size. it's hard, but im sure everything is fine! there's always something to be worried about with our babies!

  6. You stick WAY out there. I totally mean this in the nicest way possible! I would just never imagine that your belly would be measuring behind! Seriously, I hope that doesn't come off ugly- you look super cute pregnant!

    Keep your head up! Fingers crossed that all is well. Enjoy seeing your little one!

    1. I know! That's why I was like "huh!" Lol. I think she was just off with her measuring.