Monday, September 24, 2012

Wedding Series: The Proposal

My wedding anniversary is this Thursday 9/27/12, so I thought it would neat to do a wedding series this whole week. Here is how it will be broken down:

Monday: The proposal
Tuesday: Planning part 1 {dress, hair, makeup}
Wednesday: Planning part 2 {flowers, decor, music, cake}
Thursday: The wedding
Friday: Honeymoon
I hope you'll tune in and share aspects of your wedding too!

The proposal
Years ago, H and I got engaged at the Hotel Monaco in Seattle, Washington. We had been to Washington twice before and fell in love with it. It's sooooo beautiful there. On this particular trip we actually went to Victoria, BC first and then came back down to Seattle. Truth be told, I wondered if he was going to propose on this trip. We had briefly talked about marriage before and I had a feeling he had bought a ring several weeks before. Our trip lasted for 4 days and on the last day there, he hadn't popped the question so I figured it wasn't going to happen. So on the last night, I remember filling out our breakfast card for the next day and then going to sleep. I woke up early around 7am and got up to brush my teeth. I noticed right away that there was a diamond on my finger! I squealed like a little girl and raced back to H and snuggled up to him.
He stroked my hair telling me how beautiful I was a few times and asked me to marry him. Sighh... Such a beautiful moment. If only we could go back in our heads and relive certain memories. We didn't take any pictures that morning but we do have quite a few--ok a lot from the trip. Unfortunately those are on the upstairs computer and I'm too lazy to blog from there because the computer screen is also a TV in the armoire which means there's no chair in front of it. However I've got a disc of all my wedding photos here in front of me.

Here is the ring..including our wedding bands. He picked out a perfect princess cut diamond for me. He knows I like classic elegance so naturally I loved it.

So tell me, where/how did your significant other propose? Let me know in the comments. I'd love to hear about it.


  1. beautiful ring! I love the simple classic elegant ones :)

  2. That is so so sweet!

    I was working in San Antonio and my (now husband) boyfriend flew out to surprise me. He didn't propose until late that night after drinks with my co-workers (who were in on the surprise) and a lovely dinner alone. He waited till it was just the two of us. So like you, it didn't happen right away, so I stopped hoping for it. That's when it happened! =)

  3. J hid my ring in the Christmas tree and made me look for it on Christmas Eve :)

  4. rings on petals, I never thought of that, beautiful :)

  5. What a sweet story! My husband proposed on our 7th anniversary. I made crab legs for the first time and had the entire house all romantically decorated. He walked in hugged me and said "let's get married?" when I asked "really?" he said "I'd be stupid not to marry a girl who'd do all this for me!" I (who had been pushing the marriage thing forever) said, "if I knew all I had to do was make you crab legs to get you to propose I would have done it a long time ago!" he loved that and we were married 22 days later! We plan to do a big wedding for one of our major anniversaries.

    1. Lol at crab legs. What a cute story! Thanks for sharing.